Science: Orion Death Stars Spotted By Astronomers

American and Canadian astronomers have recently found an incredible discovery in the Orion Nebula. Orion death stars have been spotted and are destroying potential planets.

According to through News Max, ALMA is a "single telescope of revolutionary design" that is comprised of 66 high precision antennas situated in northern Chile at an altitude of 5000 meters. It must be a very powerful piece of scientific equipment, if it caught these images World of Science tweeted.

The massive Orion death stars, located about 600 billion miles, or 0.1 light-years, away from Earth, destroy protostars before they even have a chance to form into planets. This is done by blowing away the gas and dust surrounding the celestial bodies.

It should also be reported, through The Examiner, that the Orion death stars pose no threat to our planet. As for our sun, despite its incredible age, it is still considered a young star, so the possibilities of it becoming a supernova, or black hole, anytime soon is unlikely.

Nevertheless, the Milky Way Galaxy may have billions of earth-sized planets, at least one probably being habitable, as previously reported here, on The Inquisitr, if we ever need a back-up.